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Canadian essay stamps d feldwick 1868 3 cents

canadian essay stamps d feldwick 1868 3 cents

special telegraph stamps were issued for French India, they can be identified by the cancels used on telegraph stamps of India, or the special telegraphic cancels on postage stamps after the special telegraph stamps were abolished in India in 1908. No gum or watermark. If anyone can provide scans to help with this, I am happy to give appropriate credit. The standard 'bullseye' telegraphic cancel used later. Please include the word 'Telegraphs' in the subject. Source: m citing 'Le Soir D'Algerie' an Algerian newspaper. 3 is dull green while, from behind, both. The diamonds are usually dated 1872, but a few are from other years. At the time, Burma was a province of British India. The wording would seem to contain ministre DE tlgraphes, tlphones at least with a pattern.

Of these, Pondichry was larger and more populous than the rest put together. He not only pulled prints of the early stamp essay dies on various papers, he also formed a collection of other experimental work from the archives. At the end of Coolidge administration, postmaster general, Harry. Mint Used H22.15 on 25c blue / pale yellow.00.00 H22a 6 surcharge double. However, over the years there were many other instances that resulted in proof material reaching the market place. These reprints continued to be fl ogged to dealers on Nassau Street in New York City by an unknown man from a  large suit case as late as the 1940s. As above but inscribed "service tlphonique DE nuit interurbain" in places of "telephones".

155.00 - These seem scarcer than Hiscocks prices would suggest. It is used on This says that from the first of February 1884, the whole of Paris is open for service except the shaded part. A dated circular cancel is known for Karikal on Telegraph stamps. There were two auctions held by Christies in 1990 and two sales.R. 400.00 - H18 5 30c grey-brown / pale brownish pink 100.00.00 H19 5 50c red / pink.00.00 H20 5 1F scarlet / pale blue 100.00.00 H21 5 3F black / pale green 400.00.00 *H21a 5 imperf. Cancellations as for Nos. I think a lot of this is down to uneven pin-spacing. The diamond-shaped cancel is one half of a duplex-cancel consisting of two identical halves connected by a kind of 'Maltese cross'-bridge as can be seen below. The PTT took over in 1889 and by 1900 it had an extent of 460km. Fournier stamp illustrations courtesy of Andrew Higson. The release of the albums caused such a stir by the populous that the government ceased releasing proofs.

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