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Essay against violent video games

essay against violent video games

Theft Auto and Call of Duty are among the most popular games and have been scientifically proven to have a major effect on teens. The children, who often play video games, which contain elements of violence, as a rule, consider that violence is the most effective way of conflicts resolving. According to Andrea Norcia (2010 over the past 30 years, leading institutions and experts in the field of psychiatry conducted over 1000 studies that encountered that exists firm connection between violence on TV or computer and aggressive behavior of children. On the contrary, research on the troubling effects of video games is plentiful and persuasive. Herz introduces an interesting explanation of this increase in aggressive behavior of children. Aggression and Violent Behavior.

Violent video, games, essay, example for Free

essay against violent video games

Prior to stealing the gun, he had never shot a real handgun in his life. Answering this question it can be said that, as a fact, these games give the child opportunity to feel power. Do violent video games cause bad behavior? Furthermore, violent video games may be more harmful than violent television and movies because they are interactive, very engrossing and require the player to identify with the aggressor, say the researchers. The authors also found that boys tend to play video games for longer periods of time than girls. D., of Saint Leo University, youth who played violent video games for a short time experienced an increase in aggressive behavior following the video game. The game was sort of a comedic genre; it also had action, adventure and a story line behind it, which is what kept the player(s) entertained.

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