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The dark knight video essay

the dark knight video essay

mob leaders are gathered and offers them a deal. However, in the world of the film it is possible for a spectator to find themselves forming an allegiance with them. However, narrative and character development also played a large part, unlike most Hollywood blockbusters. It is the action throughout this film that makes people glued to the screen. There is also the fact that there are fans purely of the other Batman films; however these are not prequels as they are from an entirely different series, with different directors. For example aerial shots at (00:58) and (57:58) show just how expensive this film was to make, as it is highly expensive to use shots like these in films. When looking at a film as a spectacle an audience would expect the spectacle to be seen through the following; costume, sets, locations, action, set pieces, sound, employment of new technologies, technology and human relationship essay and editing and camera work, all of which is evidently been shown through The.

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Nolan wanted the film to have more explosions than ever seen in any other film, as he thought this was the key to the Joker, and believed that it would make the audience feel like anything could happen in the film. Mainly complaints were made by people saying that it should have received a higher persuasive essay about education rating by the bbfc as it was only rated as a 12A, which caused controversy amongst many parents who did not wish for their children to view the film. With regards to the Joker within the film Nolan felt that when you're dealing with an anarchist, somebody who is dedicated to chaos, the most visceral way of representing that is an explosion9, so that he did. One of the more menacing looking convicts throws their detonator out of the ship's window proclaiming that "You don't wanna die, but you don't know how to take a life. Sign up for our Email Newsletters here). The film displays spectacular action sequences6 and this is one of the main things that The Dark Knight is about, showing the action to the best of their ability. The filmmakers intended for the film to be a spectacle, focusing largely on the visual impact of the film. When two of the robbers are cracking the vault one of them says I guess The Jokers as crazy as they say this makes us feel like The Joker is a crazy man even though he hasnt been introduced to the audience yet the dialogue. Batman reconciled both his and Gothams disillusionment with faux heroism by taking the blame for Harvey Dents murderous rampage.

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