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Public school vs private school research paper

public school vs private school research paper

for the children's education. (2004) agrees that private schools allow parents to choose the quality of education and the amount of price that they believe appreciate and satisfy. Similarly, parents with lower income will send their children to less expensive private school or public school. Sociology Essays rape, here is a number for you: 354,670. However, Bertola, Checchi, Oppedisano (2007) mention that expensive private school is supposed to be better than free public school in terms of quality and safety because parents will send their children to other schools if they don't offer better service. Parents concern about student discipline based on students' racial and class background, particularly violence at school. Therefore, how does one gauge the superiority of a school? Thus, it is very hard for students american school system teachers pay essays to think critically, show their real abilities and the abilities to solve the problem effectively.

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(2010) found that lack of education facilities, unsuitable teaching methods, poor discipline, less attention to the overall development of the children, overcrowded classes, lack of teachers' interest and unsuitable educational environment are major reasons that the parents avoid the public schools. While in a public school, children view the wide spread cultures and human beings that make up today"s American society. It seems that for the average student, private schools do not provide better achievement than do public. Many parents today are deciding to home sch. However, students' achievement depends on school they choose. Praising the students like this make students feel happy, motivated and enthusiastic with their lessons.

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