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Trait theory of leadership essay

trait theory of leadership essay

triggers an increase in self-awareness and the readiness to develop oneself. I am more afraid of an army of 100 sheep led by a lion than an army of 100 lions led by a sheep. The Big 5 structure has also been criticised and questioned regarding its consistency and applicability to non-western cultures (Silverthorne, 2010) and the quantity of dimensions (Block, 1995; Paunonen Jackson, 2000; Ashton, Lee, Son, 2000; Tellegen Waller, 1987; Simms, 2007). To argue this statement, we will refer to the description of the main leadership theories, using resources to support arguments, together with a critical evaluation of these theories. Two self-reports were used to measure extrinsic career success. In addition, the ability to maintain a positive attitude, adaptability to change and perseverance were important traits mentioned in connection with entrepreneurship however, it is unclear if these are inborn qualities or rather learned in another context (Charania 2015; Duckworth., 2007; Kelman, 1958;.

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Action and social learning researchers (Raelin, 1997; Revans, 1980) emphasise that individuals not only learn from project work and day-to-day experiences but also from observations (Ibarra 1999) in the organisational workplace. 2.3 Experiences and context as triggers for development. However, many leaders want to avoid failure to the extent that they dont admit when something did not work. Self-confidence: A leader should be self-confident. By combining the theories and perspectives discussed above, it can only be assumed that development is based on a mix of personality and traits, leader identity, context and learning. Maturity is reflected through behavioural tolerance. According to DeRue and Ashford (2010) leadership identity entails three elements: individual internalisation, relational recognition and collective endorsement. Followers may reject the leadership, if a trade union leader fails to meet their expectations in different situations. As a result, the way this research was conducted could have had an impact on the development of a leaders identity and the mind-set of the interviewees. In the next section, the methods used in the qualitative research will be explained.

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