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Organizational citizenship behavior research papers

organizational citizenship behavior research papers

peer and supervisor reports for interpersonal CWBs but not organizational CWBs. "A typology of deviant workplace behaviors: A multidimensional scaling study". A b c d e Hauge,.; Skogstad,.; Einarsen,. "Narcissism and Counterproductive Work Behavior: Do Bigger Egos Mean Bigger Problems?".

Absence due to non-work obligations is related to external features of a job with respect to dissatisfaction with role conflict, role ambiguity, and feelings of tension. Limitations and future implementations of this research are also discussed. Such behaviors can be seen in disciplinary actions and safety violations. A study of cyber incivility showed that higher levels of incivility are associated with lower job satisfaction, lower organizational commitment, and higher turnover rates.

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Bayram, Nuran; Gursakal, Necmi; Bilgel, Nazan (2009). There is at least one set of researchers that suggest that production deviance (withholding effort) and withdrawal can be a benefit to employees by allowing them to relieve tension in certain circumstances. "Mind your E-mail manners: Impact of cyber incivility on employees' work attitudes and behavior". "Employers OK with e-surfing". 57 More objective methods for assessing CWBs include disciplinary records, absentee records, and job performance statistics. 9 They have important implications for the well-being of an organization. "The Impact of Personality and Team Context on the Relationship Between Workplace Injustice and Counterproductive Work Behavior". "Convergence of self-reports and coworker reports of counterproductive work behavior: A cross-sectional multi-source survey among health care workers". "Developing and testing a taxonomy of lateness behavior". 56 Cognitive ability and age were among the remaining factors that showed some effect.

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