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Secondary data analysis thesis

secondary data analysis thesis

by pregnant women in a nationwide sample. In this instance, you can only note the drawbacks of the original data set, present its limitations, and conclude that your own research may not be sufficiently well grounded. Lets also say that you live in London and that it would be difficult for you to assess Americans attitudes on the topic, but clearly much more straightforward to conduct primary research on British attitudes. At this point, we should ask: What are the methods of secondary research? For the sake of our examples, lets say that all three original studies were conducted within this time-range.

Secondary data collation and analysis - Thesis Hub

secondary data analysis thesis

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Data was recently collected by professionals, the employed measures were both reliable and valid, and the methodology was more than sufficient. With secondary research, you are relying not only on a large scope of data, but also on professionally collected data. Most of the time, you will also need to create new variables that is, to compute final scores. But for most other types of research, and especially if you are doing your graduate thesis, you need to arrive at a research question yourself. Understanding secondary research, so, what exactly do we mean when we say secondary research? As a final example of a secondary data source, you can rely on data from commercial research organisations. But the secondary data set may contain a categorical age variable; for example, participants might have indicated an age group they belong to (e.g., 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, etc.). This type of data has been collected by somebody else, in the literal sense of the term.

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