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Necessay definition

necessay definition

aspects of a subject. See when they need a tactful word of advice and do the necessary Unable to get the human variety, the club has hired a team of four llamas to do the necessary. A social worker will be able to help fill out all of the necessary paperwork. 1 adjective necessary acting or proceeding from compulsion or necessity; not free; involuntary: a necessary agent. I didn't tell you because it didn't seem necessary at the time. Ask yourself what could possibly go wrong and then take preventive actions where necessary. He could supply drovers with all necessaries, including the best brands of liquors and fresh water.

Expedient (of an action) Convenient and practical, although possibly improper or immoral. 1 adjective necessary happening or existing by necessity: a necessary change in our plans. Death, a necessary end, Will come when it will come. Others resort to exploitation, as in the case of an injured officer who, with the help of a resentful assistant, attempts to trade tobacco leaves with the retreating soldiers in exchange for food and other necessaries. What is the necessary and proper clause? The necessary consequence is that there had to be a redefinition of the rights and obligations of the parents, and of those with care of children.

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The department of sericulture, on the other hand, had accepted the problem of children working in silk factories as a necessary evil. I shall have to use a jar of pre-made sauce for that because I'm not geared up with necessaries for sauce making yet. American, english, thesaurus: synonyms and related words, examples. Bread, margarine, orange juice, jam, fruit and veg, cereals, milk, meat, biscuits and some other necessaries such as kitchen towels, toothpaste, beer and disposable nappies. The question then is, what steps are reasonably necessary to the attainment of that purpose? Priming of cytotoxic cell responses is necessary for the design of therapeutic cancer vaccines, as well as for viral vaccines. From, cambridge English Corpus, to distinguish between a side effect that has taken place and one that has not, it is necessary to change the definition of state. What are the steps necessary to reconcile a bank statement? Please could you send me the necessary paperwork required to begin this procedure. After about another hour of going through information, records, and other such necessaries, we finally were ready to leave, or so I thought. I must, I suppose.

necessay definition

1 : absolutely needed : required. Food is necessary for life. Necessary synonyms, necessary pronunciation, necessary translation, English dictionary definition of necessary. To infinitive Was it really necessary to say that?