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Essay on judiciary and its working for upsc

essay on judiciary and its working for upsc

Information: Essay on Fundamental Rights Essay on Democracy in India Essay on Democracy. Another direction in which the judiciary faces threat is from within. The court undertakes a dedicate task of reconciling with the changing situations and the resultant needs.

Criminal law is supposed to be the most potent instrument of social defense. The protection of freedom of the press is part of the provision in the Bill of Rights because it protects both the rights of the institution and individuals. Select any Role of Judiciary in the Country Today essay that best suits your needs: Essay on Role of Judiciary in the Country Today Essay 1 (200 words). The pay packets of judges in Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Mauritius, to say nothing of advanced countries, are four to eight times higher than in India, and the need to raise the gross remuneration of India's junior judicial officials by at least 50 per cent. The judiciary can maintain its social relevance only if it retains public faith in its impartiality and efficiency. They need a general climate of order and discipline, of tolerance and good behaviour. As per the Constitution of India, the judiciary is the most independent out of the three and is given a wide range of powers so that it is capable of offering justice freely and fairly. Similarly, the judges of the Supreme Court cannot be removed from office unless it is proved that they have committed misconduct or are no longer capable of carrying out the role. Importance/Role of Judiciary in Democratic Country. Therefore, the judiciary becomes the most important pillar of democracy.

essay on judiciary and its working for upsc

Sometimes it goes beyond its jurisdiction in public interest and interferes with. Judiciary and, its, importance:. The subordinate judiciary works in appalling conditions.

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