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Organic electronics phd thesis

organic electronics phd thesis

Placement of Source and drain contact on performance of Organic Thin Film Transistors Department : Electrical Engineering Year of Graduation: 2011. Vivek kumar Shukla Title: Growth and Stability of Organic Semiconducting Thin Films Based on Small Molecules of Tris(8-hydroxyquinoline) Metal Complexe Department : Physics Year of Graduation: 2007. Girija Sankar Samal Title: Photo-Electronic Characterization of PPV Based Light Emitting Polymers: Role of Defects Disorder Department : Material Science and Program Year of Graduation: 2007. Tripathi Title: Carrier Transport in Organic Semiconductor Diodes with Doped/Undoped Interfaces Department : Physics Year of Graduation: 2013. The influence of annealing and substrate temperature during thermal deposition of the films on morphology and surface structure, optical and photovoltaic properties of thin films of methyl substituted perylene pigment, hexathiopentacene and SnCl2 phthalocyanine was studied. The optimal conditions were determined for preparation of organic photosensitive heterostructures, which absorb most part of solar radiation in visible and near infrared range, as well as effectively generate and separate charge carriers on the interface of heterojunction.

organic electronics phd thesis

D., Masters by Research, Masters thesis projects and undergraduate.
Scdt-A Centre For Large Area Flexible Electronics Bringing.
Phthalocyanin e based thin films and their applications in organic solar cells.

C) Electrical/electrochemical characterization of the new (bio-)sensor as a function of the analyte concentration. The candidate will be able to join to a pioneer, dynamic and active group from the Department of NanoScience and Organic Materials (nanomol, /nanomol ) that belongs to the Materials Science Institute of Barcelona (icmab-csic) located at the UAB (Universitat Autnoma de Barcelona) research park. Marta Mas-Torrent ( address: icmab - csic, Campus Universitat Autnoma de Barcelona, 08193 Bellaterra, Spain. Department : Materials Science and Engineering, year of Graduation: 2014. Contact: Interested candidates should send a detailed CV including the academic record and a list of references with contact details by e-mail. The photovoltaic and optical properties of organic iso-type and aniso-type heterostructures prepared on the substrates with different temperatures were studied.

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High academic records are required. Awnish Tripathi Title: Trap Controlled Photo-Electronic Processes in Organic Semiconductors Department : Physics Year of Graduation: 2012. Sanjay kumar RAm Title :Influence of Microstructure on Electronic Transport Behavior of Micro- crystalline Silicon Films Department : Physics Year of Graduation: 2006. B) Characterization of organic (semi-)conducting thin-films by means of electrical measurements, scanning probe microscopies, X-ray, etc. Dhirendra Sinha Title: Carrier Transport and Electroluminescence in Polyfluorene embedded with CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dots Department : Physics Year of Graduation: 2013.

Closing date: 30th August 2016. We offer a PhD position working wi thin the framework of a European ERC StG project and Explora Ciencia. The Organic Electronics programme is offered by the Bangor University. The primary attention has been paid on determination of optimal co nditions for preparation of organic thin-film structures of methyl substituted.