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9 The British Government accompanied the publication of the Woodhead Report by a statement of policy rejecting partition as impracticable due to "political, administrative and financial..
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North indian food essay

north indian food essay

Indian subcontinent packs in as much or more diversity than Europe and the food is no exception. Combining all tastes possible, the Indian cuisine is bound to satisfy spice-lovers, salty people and persons with a sweet tooth alike (although the latter will feel right at home, since India is a sweet country). It is an un-aged, acid-set (using lemon juice, for example) cheese with a very interesting property: it doesnt melt! Be sure to eat it in one mouthful! It is a lighter paneer dish compared to the often creamy mughali paneer curries. The most amazing thing about parathas is their stuffing which are aplenty. Punjabis typically eat their meals with wheat-based side dishes but when they have rice, they have it with this chickpeas recipe! Pani Puri Pani Puri Pani Puri (also called Gol Gappa in North India) is a very unique street food. The land of India is characterized by its diversity; an amalgamation of different cultures, tradition and lifestyles is what truly defines India. It was probably brought to India by traders in the 13th century and today, samosas can be found across the Middle East and South Asia with regional variations.

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Ghewar This delicacy from Rajasthan is a quite popular during the festivals of Teej, Makar Sankranti and Gangaur. Its a great lunch option! By this I mean everything is meat and some sort of side dish that is high in carbohydrates. In regard to spices of American food, it is not as glamorous as some food as other cultures- it uses one or two spices in food. The ghewar is then immersed into sugar syrup for a while and served hot with a topping of malai or mawa. The distinct color imparted by the Kashmiri Mirch, that is de-seeded to reduce the heat, makes for a mouth-watering sight imploring you to gorge on the delicacy. While Rumali Roti is thin flat bread made with unleavened wheat flour dough, the dough for Naan, is thick flat bread, comprises a mix of wheat flour and refined flour. The stuffing made of sattu or powdered gram, chillies and achari masala is put inside balls, made using wheat flour dough, and sealed.

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