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Importance of saving water essay in kannada

importance of saving water essay in kannada

to some very simple yet effective tips on how to save water. Drinking water keeps you alert, active and improves energy. Wildlife is can be saved by being kept in the forest as that is their habitat and they will be free there and give more off springs and ultimately create another population of this endangered animal. Yes saving water saves energy! Every living organism needs water for survival. Water helps the body function in various ways; it is responsible for transporting oxygen, nutrients and waster products. In places like sub-Saharan Africa, time lost gathering water and suffering from water -borne diseases is limiting people's true potential.

So its greatest not to go near a shark or kill one. Even if you lose 2-3 of your water content in the body, you will be dehydrated. Women and girls especially bear the burden of walking miles at a time to gather water from streams and ponds - full of water -borne disease that is making them and their families lness from drinking dirty water and the time lost fetching it robs. On the entire earth, water is a most important thing. It also helps to supply oxygen to the brain and other parts of organs. The importance of saving water.0 Introduction, in our life, water plays an important role. Prevent headaches with hydration. Treating kidney stones, painful clumps of urinary stones sustainable competitive advantage essay may form in the human kidneys if there is a deficiency of water.

Importance of Saving Water Essay.
The chief languages spoken are Kannada and Telugu.
The principal industries of the village are agriculture, the support of the Virupaksha temple and some other local holy places in the vicinity, and tourism.
Kannada essay on importance of kannada language.