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Why was the first crusade successful essay

why was the first crusade successful essay

their failure the Crusades just as they had started so many years before, whit the Holy Land under Muslim control. There were about eleven different crusades and only a few were successful. Authorised Violence-, papally sanctioned violence. The Crusades were widely considered a failure, in that they failedto achieve their stated objective of spreading Christianity to theHoly Land. Since they needed less preparing, they departed before the main crusade, but were mostly crushed when they reached Turkey. In this the Crusaders were largely unsuccessful, as theTurks were much better organized and led. 4 people found this useful, allies Because they had a crap front line and poor defence but as they took over countries they got more and more powerful. It was a success because the Europeans were introduced to the knowledge of the ancient past that was being preserved by the Muslims. The People's Crusade was only one part of the First Crusade, when paupers who were inspired by the preachings of various priests and monks tried to make a joint pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Personally I think the second Crusade was the least successful anda terrible failure. The wealth that came from the Crusades is both true and false.

It was a failure because they never regained the Holy Land. Victories did come, however, and for long stretches certain regions and cities were under European control with European monarchs setting up trade, establishing castles and even setting up members of their royal line to rule. John Langan, 'The Elements.

M, categories, history, Politics Society, history. The first crusade was a success so later kings thought they could direct successful crusades too cause Muslims recaptured Jerusalem after first crusade but all other crusades failed. The Council of Piacenza, which sent ambassadors for the Byzantine Emperor Alexius I who called for help defending the Turks. As a result the Muslims were ultimately victorious and dug in and were poised to invade Europe itself. However, this was soon reclaimed by the Muslims and the next six-seven Crusades were the christians trying to, unsuccessfully, claim back the land.

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Thus starting the First Crusade. Military Factor, disunity of the Middle East. That's something that everybody wanted. (opinions) Back then the church was growing and was gettin greedy. Very quickly this disintegrated into personal greed, nationalism and brutal conquest among the weaker and more unscrupulous knights. The economic research papers search engine second wave which was actually successful in conquering the Holy Land left August 15, 1096. His speech at Clermont gained a large response and drew thousands to the cause. The Muslims had taken over Jerusalem and the Christians wanted it back so the pope called for a crusade. Whilst the papacy offered to ensure the safety of property and possessions as part of taking up the cross the actual legal affairs regarding this weren't sorted until at least the end of the second crusade and there are examples of bishops actually referring crusading. The Crusades were holy wars fought between Christians in Europe and Muslims in the Middle East between 10Europe could visit the holy land (Jerusalem) whenever they wanted as long as they were unarmed and opened European trade to Asian countries and visa versa the crusades.

It failed to succed because king Richard got captured and was held for ransom they stopped the Europe from being taken over by Muslims and they allowed Christians to be able to safely go to the holy land. After that the christians tried to reclaim it but failed almost everytime and when they failed they tried again, and again. Therefore, there is still no change after 50 years. Byzantium troops, conclusion, achieved its main goal and only crusade that did.

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