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Essay on quetta city in urdu

essay on quetta city in urdu

refer to themselves as Pashtuns or Pukhtuns depending upon whether they speaker the southern dialect or northern dialect respectively. And is connected with the dissolution of the Epthalite (White Huns) confederacy." 28 Early precursors to the Pashtuns had been Old Iranian tribes that spread throughout the eastern Iranian Plateau. The eligible candidates can send their registration forms and deposit the fee in the nominated bank branches. 88 Due to numerous social hurdles, the literacy rate for Pashtun women remains considerably lower than that of males. Afghanistan: An Abridged History. Kodansha Globe; Reprint edition. 37 Genetics Research into human DNA has emerged as a new and innovative tool used to explore the genetic make-up of populations to ascertain historical population movements.

65 Lastly, virtually all Pashtuns declare Muslim faith; limited data exists regarding irreligious groups and minorities. Pashto literature Throughout Pashtun history, poets, prophets, kings and warriors have been amongst the most revered members of society. We provide the best information about school Murree Admission 2018. Part I, qualification/ experience. Human Genetics 69 (1 Oct 2001 399. Retrieved Pakistan's first women fighter pilots, Zaffar Abbas, BBC News, retrieved Warlords and women in uneasy mix, Andrew North, BBC News, 14 November 2005. Retrieved "Indian Pathans" Pushtun, Northern of India, Joshua Project - figures taken from unesco through unep/grid retrieved yed Saleem Shahzad, How the Taliban kept their coffers full AsiaTimes Online. Screening test will be conducted at the principal seat as well as at all circuit benches on the given date at. The Pashtuns in Afghanistan resisted British designs upon their territory and kept the Russians at bay during the so-called Great Game. Retrieved Rig Veda.25.7c Herodotus. Pashtunwali Honor code The term "Pakhto" or "Pashto from which the Pashtuns derive their name, denotes a pre-Islamic honor code/religion formally known as Pashtunwali (or Pakhtunwali ) as well as the name of their language. The judges serve terms of three years, subject to extension by the President.