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Phd thesis on heat tolerance in wheat

phd thesis on heat tolerance in wheat

: Boote KJ, Bennett JM, Sinclair TR, Paulsen GM, editors. Mason RE, Mondal S, Beecher FW, Hays. The photoperiod insensitivity allele Ppd-D1a was found to increase susceptibility to heat stress, while the semi dwarfing allele Rht-D1b was found to confer tolerance. Two periods of susceptibility in Savannah and Renesansa were identified as susceptible to heat stress, through reductions in grain number. Cell membrane thermostability and whole-plant heat tolerance of Kentucky bluegrass. Christou A, Filippou P, Manganaris GA, Fotopoulos. Wheat high temperature tolerance during reproductive growth. Araus J, Amaro T, Voltas J, Nakkoul H, Nachit.

Evaluation by chlorophyll fluorescence. Induction of heat stress tolerance in barley seedlings by pre-sowing seed treatment with glycinebetaine. QTL mapping of terminal heat tolerance in hexaploid wheat (T. Quantitative and molecular characterization of heat tolerance in hexaploid wheat.

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Heat tolerance in temperate cereals: an overview. Iglesias-Acosta M, Martnez-Ballesta MC, Teruel JA, Carvajal. Marsh L, Davis D,. Ristic Z, Bukovnik U, Prasad. Yang J, Sears R, Gill B, Paulsen. Ristic Z, Cass. Heat stress phenotypes of Arabidopsis mutants implicate multiple signaling pathways in the acquisition of thermotolerance. Wardlaw I, Dawson I, Munibi. Aestivum.) Theor Appl Genet. The period around heading was found to be relatively tolerant. Identification and mapping of a putative stress response regulator gene in barley. The estimation of map distances from recombination values.

Phd thesis on heat tolerance in wheat
phd thesis on heat tolerance in wheat

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