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Spark plasma sintering thesis

spark plasma sintering thesis

highly perturbed turbostratic narrative essay fast carbon nanomaterials. Student Topic of the thesis Thesis year. Wetzel Mikrostruktur und Defekte hochdrucknitridierter Wolframcarbide bachelor 2014.C. However, the information obtained about mechanical and physical properties has led to the design of the ceramic suspension used in wet shaping (slip-casting). Workshop Utilization of SPS technique for preparation of FGM, Institute of Plasma Physics ascr,.v.i., Prague, February 28, 2012, Czech Republic, (2012 Spark plasma sintering (SPS) promising technique for fast synthesis of compact novel high performance materials. Salomon Spark Plasma Sintern (SPS) von WC-Co Hartmetallen bachelor 2010. MSE08, Materials Science and Engineering 2008, Nurnberg, Germany, (2008 ebsd Investigation of the Ultra-Fine Grained Cu and Cu-Zr Alloy Prepared by Equal Channel Angular Pressing.

Touto cestou byly pipraveny keramick laminty s ostrm rozhranm vrstev a opoteben grafitovch forem bylo minimalizovno. Referee of Journal of the American Ceramics Society. Salomon Herstellung von WC/Co-Hartmetallen durch Reaktivsintern in der Spark-Plasma-Sinteranlage master 2011. Nanocon 2010, 2nd International Conference, Olomouc, Czech Republic, (2010 Spark Plasma Sintering of Nanocrystalline Binderless WC Hard Metals.

Microstructure of turbostratic carbon studied by X-ray scattering. Ispma11, International Symposium in Physics of Materials 11, Prague, Czech Republic, (2008 ebsd investigation of the grain boundary distributions in the ultra-fine grained polycrystals prepared by ecap). Jako optimln bylo zvoleno 5 obj. Jednoose, jako i izostaticky lisovan vzorky byly slinut v rznch typech redukn atmosfry, a to Ar (7-10) H2, respektive 99,99 H2 v ppad beztlakh slinovn nebo ve vakuu (obohacenm CO parami) v ppad slinovn za zvenho tlaku (SPS). Employment: Scientist, at the Department of Condensed Matter Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague. Publication activity: (November 2017 bibliographic data, web of Science. Doktor Ingenir, september 2006.