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K 12 online education pros and cons essay

k 12 online education pros and cons essay

elementary, high school, and community college levels can benefit from the new opportunities provided by distance education. Distance education is not normally tailored around the schedules of traditional semester schedules. Therefore, by carefully identifying, and dealing with drawbacks that are within its influence, institutions on these islands may very well find that such actions are sufficient to provide students with distance education opportunities, so that they can become contributing citizens in a global, diverse, and. Imagine students collaborating with each other, sharing research ideas, and forming study groups for the Grade Six Achievement Test (gsat) or the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (csec). The islands are accessible by aeroplanes and boats. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Retrieved April 11, 2007, from Simonson,., Smaldino,., Albright,., Zvacek,. Virtual charter schools offer a potential solution to these problems, as they afford students an opportunity to learn at their own pace in a safe home environment free from social stresses and distractions that can often accompany a public school classroom. Teachers too would have to be equipped technically, and furthermore, get training to develop online courses, and implement them accordingly.

The, pros and, cons of Distance Learning Essay - Educational Technology

k 12 online education pros and cons essay

Owing to the myriad of benefits for K-12 education offered by distance learning technologies, schools are using these technologies to reach all students, especially those in remote locations, and provide them with challenging and appropriate educational experiences. Its up to teachers, administrators, and district personnel to decide whether the good outweighs the bad. Pros of distance education in the Turks and Caicos Islands. While distance education is different from the face-to face traditional setting, she noted that it is very convenient, flexible, and affordable. This could be seen as an advantage wherein, the teachers would not have to develop courses on their own. But as a student in the distance education environment she does not have these opportunities readily available at her fingertips. Distance education she believes, can also be less costly than that of traditional education. These unions argue that by giving money to virtual charter schools rather than public schools, the state and local school districts are merely funding a glorified form of home-schooling at the taxpayers expense, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Full Answer, parents who home-school their children might have to take time off work to do so, which can be especially challenging for a single parent. In traditional public schools, teachers often have to slow down the pace of their instruction in order to cater to the slowest students in the classroom, and this can leave more adept students bored and under-stimulated. With only two community colleges on these islands, the same can be said for students who have finished high school and want to access college level education. Online Schooling Grows, Setting Off a Debate.

Essay The, pros and, cons of, online. Classes: Advantages and Disadvantages Most people have very busy lives, thus not. K - 12 a Good Idea?