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In a station of the metro thesis statement

in a station of the metro thesis statement

the title. Hulmes ground-breaking modernist poems, there are assonantal echoes which help to give the poem a kind of loose unity: apparition picks up the Station from the title, while the ow sounds of crowd and bough move towards each other without fully rhyming. Ezra Pound in 1913, is the Imagist poem par excellence. But the poem stays in the memory partly because of the frailty of the image which is being suggested: petals on a bough will not be there forever, just as the faces in the Metro a hundred years from now will not belong to the. At first he couldnt put the moment into words; later he described it in a longer piece; finally, inspired by Japanese poetry, he found a means of condensing everything about it into a terse 14 words and 19 syllables: I wrote a thirty-line poem, and.

The apparition of these faces in the crowd; Petals on a wet, black bough. Olympic sharpshooter, it would earn a gold medal. Hulme had earlier called dry, hard, classical verse.

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Finally, a full year after the experience, he had been reading short Japanese poems called haikus, and he figured he would try to adapt this form to his vision in the metro. Pound's process of deletion from thirty lines 5 to only fourteen words typifies Imagism 's focus on economy of language, precision of imagery and experimenting with non-traditional verse forms. Have you ever told a boyfriend or girlfriend that "words cant express" how much you love them? Thus, "In a Station of the Metro" is a poem that consists of one image expressed with absolute precision and nothing else. But where to begin? In short, In a Station of the Metro briefly encapsulates the main driving idea behind the Imagist movement. 1, in the poem, Pound describes a moment in the underground metro station in Paris in 1912; Pound suggested that the faces of the individuals in the metro were best put into a poem not with a description but with an "equation". (If youre in the Metro or Underground and think that the faces of your fellow commuters look like petals, this is instant, and not something that conventional poetic language can reflect with complete accuracy.). He has left a description of how he composed. Pound, though briefly, embraced Imagism stating that it was an important step away from the verbose style. 3, pound was influential in the creation of Imagist poetry until he left the movement to embrace. The poem can be summarised in one sentence.

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