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Workplace violence in nursing essay

workplace violence in nursing essay

Workplace bullying: concerns for nurse leaders. The consequences of violence on nurses Work related violence has most destructive consequences affect the employee, the employer, others in the work setting. Better Essays 632 words (1.8 pages) - When one goes into the profession of nursing it is usually not for the money, job security or the glamour of the job. The husband and wife team Dr's Gary and Ruth Namie both trained in Psychology introduced work place bullying. Workplace Violence 11 The psychological and emotion effects include feelings of helplessness, irritability, sadness, soreness, depression, shock, disbelief, and sympathy for who committed the assault. Al 2007; Giles-Sims, 1983). This has been described as inter-group conflict. Nurse on nurse abuse is also called horizontal violence. The nurse went to court, but the judge dropped the case because he believed that such incidents were simply part of the job. The healthcare provider should be able to recognize the signs of escalating violence to evaluate when a person is becoming violent, assured that reporting violence will not result in reprisals, and know the steps to take if a violent incident occurs (Sullivan, et al 2009). Better Essays 1347 words (3.8 pages) - Workplace Violence Workplace violence can be defined as any action that can threaten the safety of an employee, impact the employee's psychological or physical well being, or cause damage to a company's property.

Exploring The Effects Of Violence, in Nursing, workplace

workplace violence in nursing essay

Violence prevention 'Unfortunately, most hospitals do have a security and safety plan like the fire plan, or patient safetyFew focus on staff safety, especially from assaultive patients. 1999, "Power and political power positions in maternity care British Journal of Midwifery, February, Vol. The paper will focus on a trending topic in healthcare. 1995, "Horizontal Violence In Midwifery: The Continuing Silence" Aims Australia Vol. The reasons behind that as suggested could be that nurses felt reporting was an empty gesture, with a general lack of support, feeling that it is wrong to be seen to need support as professional, some see that violence in a particular area such. Hospitals may resist steps to provide protection, says Schildmeier. Thacker, however, was the first of Meyers intended victims to approach the former employee. Many people in society are homophobic or have been at some point, which often leads imperialism in southeast asia essay to bullying. Where will you be? Al,2011 male nurses were the victim of physical violence more than the female staff the rational is based on religious context, which not allowing males to touch female. Horizontal violence in the workplace.

Get real: End horizontal violence. Workplace Violence 10 Nurses who felt that their managers were not able to improve the situation felt powerless and influence a nurses decision not to report unacceptable behavior (Duxbury, 2003; Jackson, 2002). (El-Gilany, 2010 reasoned that womens fear of reporting violence particularly sex harassment due to culture and strict Islamic roles. Nurses must be empowered to explore alternative methods of managing episodes of violence and feel safe and supported in the workplace.

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