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Essay on recycling plastic bags

essay on recycling plastic bags

identical composition to mix efficiently. There are two principal ways of recycling PVC: Mechanical recycling: PVC waste is ground into essay on radhakrishnan small pieces that can be easily processed into new PVC compounds ready to be melted and formed into new products. This closed-loop operation has taken place since the 1970s and has made the production of some plastic products amongst the most efficient operations today. In the long run, the toxic substances attributed to these plastic bags end up in the food chain as they are transformed into microscopic particles (World-Wildlife-Fund-Report, 2003). The phase boundaries cause structural weakness in the resulting material, meaning that polymer blends are useful in only limited applications. Since the number of landfills continues to diminish, keeping plastic containers out of landfills is important. Plastic containers such as cups, plates, bowls and bottles offer a range of lightweight and unbreakable kitchenware for our daily household use. The polymer is generally too viscous to economically remove fillers, and would be damaged by many of the processes that could cheaply remove the added dyes. Plastic recycling is the process of recovering scrap or waste plastic and reprocessing the material into useful products, sometimes completely different in form from their original state. Post-consumer plastic waste for 2008 was estimated.6 million tons;.2 million tons (6.5) were recycled and.6 million tons (7.7) were burned for energy;.9 million tons,.5, were discarded in landfills.

But preventing material from being landfilled is not a sustainable end in itself. Marine life is affected by plastic bags disposed into the sea, for instance the case spotted at the North of the Arctic Circle as well as the South close to the Falkland Islands (Moorthy, 2010). For example, the introduction of nucleating agents improves the clarity and stiffness of a plastic polymer which allows it to be used for making rigid and clear containers that show-off the contents and appeal to consumers.   tags: substitute for glass, recycling Research Papers 2042 words (5.8 pages) - One of the many uses of glass is to make containers such as bottles and jars for storing food and drinks. Every year more and more plastic products are being recycled.

Stage One Sorting the Plastic, firstly the waste plastic needs to studymode essay on autobiography of a silver coin be collected by the recycling company, once the plastic arrives at the recycling plant the first stage is sort the plastic in to the specific types, plastic recycling is more complex than that. As landfill is being progressively restricted within the European Union, recycling will gradually become the principal option for many end-of-life PVC products. However, this type of plastic is limited by its high cost of production as well as the fact that it cannot be recycled. Only use cling films designated as suitable for use in microwave oven. Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. However, just as other great inventions, say, nuclear energy and biotechnology, plastic bags are causing serious issues like global warming, environment pollution and energy consumption. They have not been tested safe for food storage and they may contain non-food residues that contaminate food.

essay on recycling plastic bags

Without doubt, it is the plastic bag. The plastic bag is the most usual and integral part of our life. This problem should therefore be solved through methods such as recycling and use of degradable plastic. Get a Price".

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