If you want that pure driving experience, step it down a few notches and a few dozen thousand dollars and go for something like a Carrera S or the GT3 RS, both of which offer old school, six-speed manual transmissions. Getting sucked into a black hole. This comes in to play when you’re too fast in a turn, trying to make it around the bend but the car is sliding wide. These are all attempts at describing what it’s like to experience launch control in a hp Turbo S. Driving with PDK feels a little disconnected — a little vague, even. But, break the rear-end loose when turning and that heavy lump of a motor tends to want to just keep on going around and around until it hits something solid.

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It’d take a few pages to fully explain why this solution is less than optimal, but suffice it to say the driver probably won’t notice sub difference.

In fact in the base PDK cars there’s a noticeable lag between you asking for the next gear and actually getting it. Basically, Porsche’s managed to fit two gearboxes in a space not much bigger than a single one, putting the odd numbered gears in one and the even gears in 191t other. The FTTP is designed for vehicle mount in emergency, police, service, transport trucks and marine vessels. Most cars offer some form of TC, but they aren’t all as advanced as Porsche’s system.

In the dry you hardly notice it’s there, even on the track, but in the wet skidpad Porsche has created, painted to keep the water from soaking through, you notice it.


Join us as we explore the race-ready bits of technology that make these cars faster and safer on the road and then take ubs for a spin around Barber Motorsports Park to see how it all comes together.

Page 57 | Carrera Manual | Porsche iManuals

It’s a little hard to explain, so let’s look at an example: Most Porsches, on the other hand, have what the company calls active braking differentials, or ABD. As you get faster and faster you move from one gear to the next. It’s the same in theless weight up front making for more adept turning and more weight over the rear can give a little more traction to the rear tires.

Chances are cars with three pedals in the footwell aren’t long for this us, so enjoy ’em while you can — even if it means giving up a few seconds on the track.

Traction control Confession time: Porsche Doppelkupplung That right there is a good German word, a whole heck of sub lot of letters that means, simply, “double clutch. Infotainment Sadly there’s not a lot to report here.

However, it’s not quite as advanced as systems like that on Nissan’s GT-R, which usv computer controlled differentials in the center, front, and rear. Then, try turning the cart back and forth — not so easy.

The car 911t revs and, as soon as you drop your foot off the brake, the world gets very, very blurry as you get to 60MPH in 3. Of course, in this case they’d be three-armed boxers, but you get the picture.

The technology of the Porsche 911

It started in looking like a slightly stretched Beetle — which it wasn’t much bigger than. The combined system can be disabled to varying degrees in various cars. Shifts now take only milliseconds. Engage Sport Plus mode part of that pricey Crono Plus package and the experience becomes much more responsive.


The handling Having the engine out back can be a blessing and a 9911t.

There’s also a stability control SC system. By continuing to browse or by clicking “Accept All Cookies” you agree to the storing of first and third-party cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts. No Pandora controlled by your voice. The basics Want a ? When we need to choose a rugged keyboard for our solutions, iKey is our favorite choice. In the RS models those seats make way for a roll cage that would make the kids at the jungle gym jealous — and the dudes at the Sunday autocrosses, too.

Almost instantly you’re in second gear. They really need the extra grip.

This comes in to play when you’re too fast in a turn, trying to make it around udb bend but the car is sliding wide. All motors are flat-sixes, an arrangement called “boxer” because the pistons move back and forth on a flat plane much like a couple of chaps wearing big gloves and having at it.

This layout is optional on the base Carrera but comes standard on the higher-horsepower Turbo models.

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