Also, look out for this icon to see what offers come from international shops. Also, it has a slight overheating problem after extensive use, but it is nothing serious to worry about. When you are choosing a USB Wi-Fi adapter, make sure that it is compatible with your router with the right speed. The durability of this unit makes it not likely to be damaged due to the design. Further, we could fetch a decent speed of Mbps in the 2.

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Anewkodi AK1 Wireless Adapter | eBay

Knock-offs anewkoi be found cheaply and nearly everywhere and some people get a smile on their face when they read about a new and impressive product that will cost them next to nothing. But, have you ever been in a gameplay situation where a laggy Wi-Fi connection throws you in for a toss and turns your experience upside down?

It can either be for a desktop or for a mobile computer, such as a laptop or notebook. If you have baby monitorscordless phones and cordless anything that runs on the 2. Also, at times, we experienced a drop in signal connection in the 2. The Ourlink AC adapter comes with an omnidirectional antenna that can reach all the corners of your house.

Best USB WIFI Adapter

Cons 1 Lags sometimes on 2. The USB Wi-Fi adapter is also a great unit to have when streaming your favorite shows or game play through. It is backed by a 12 month warranty.


Not all countries in the world have a good internet speed. Most adapters will transmit a frequency of 2.

The offer information is adaptdr to help you compare against other offers. So what if this wireless adapter is not as brand new as most of its counterparts on our list? Do not buy these! Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to footer Tweet. On the bright side, it does help that this adapter is backward compatible with the Join the Conversation Add a Comment. Further, we could fetch a decent speed of Mbps in the 2. This flash drive-shaped wireless USB 3.

Most motherboards may have a built-in wireless adapter today but for older motherboards, you will need a USB Wi-Fi adapter if you need to connect it via Wi-Fi. I warn you now, do not buy this piece of junk.

Review: ANEWKODI 600Mbps Dual Band USB WiFi Adapter 802.11ac

Albeit, we did bump into a couple of irritating lags whilst adzpter the 5GHz band when we were streaming video. Iperf3 gave it a speed The next test was done on our internal network with Iperf3. Pros 1 Affordable and lightweight 2 Supports dual band annewkodi Powered by Your dad or grandpa might argue that a USB Wi-Fi adapter is not as fast as connecting with an Ethernet cable directly to the modem or router.


If you plug it into the back of a computer and move it, you might bend it and break it but it’s the same with any USB WiFi adapter happened with two customers.

This technology has been incorporated into some of the high-end USB adapters and it allows more connections. The best aspect of this adapter, to our mind, are the four positionable antennas all backed by a strong signal strength of 5dBi and powerful beamforming technology. This is an import. The next thing you need to consider is the USB port and these are either 2.

Anewkodi Wifi Adapter Prices | Compare Deals & Buy Online | PriceCheck

This comment has been rated as unhelpful by Slickdeals users. While we do not recommend this, having an extender is a great way to link to Wi-Fi connections that may be a little further.

The USB adapter is something we all use and it is something that has not really gone out of style. You also get a backward compatibility with

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