Standard NMEA multiplexer. The original back-up switching mechanism looks at multiplexer input port activity. More than average DIY skills are required for best installation results. One of the clients can also control the auto pilot for track-mode steering to a waypoint or along a route and waypoints can be transferred to other network clients or a chart plotter. Features include AIS target plotting and full marine instrument support.

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This rating belongs to item no. While combining data remains a primary function, today our multiplexers are often purchased specifically for the extra tasks they can perform. With AIS Automatic Identification System receivers and transponders now widely used on both commercial and pleasure vessels, the ability to combine standard low speed NMEA talkers and high-speed AIS in one data-stream has become an important requirement.

C Skip R – From what you are describing, you don’t need a multiplexer to do what you are trying to do. If the slave unit has an unused NMEA input and output pair, the can be connected directly to that. Find More Posts multipleder SR Reliable RJ45 ethernet connection of the eMux to the router. Are they linked together so that either one can display the same data?


Automatic GPS back-up switching. But I reviewed my install notes vrookhouse I think I have a plan for you.

Diagrams for standard model Brookhouse NMEA multiplexer

Please specify the quantity of the desired items before you add them to your cart. The Brookhouse would be tempting, but I want more control over my wifi.

In this case the multiplexer output baudrate setting has to bebecause this is the only baudrate the auto pilot supports. We thank you for your patience as we help you access the new site!

How are they connected to peripherals?

Send a private message to SR I got mine from Navstore I believe quite a few years ago. But since for many boats this would be mid air in mkltiplexer cockpit, as close as possible to the longitudinal centerline and at the point where the boat teeters fore and aft.

GPS data in the transponder output data stream can be suppressed by the multiplexer to avoid conflicts if the main GPS is working. The chart plotter or computer provides navigation data data to the auto pilot for steering to a waypoint or along a route.

How to wire a Brookhouse Multiplexer

Nevertheless, we have decided not to offer bluetooth as an integral feature of Brookhouse multiplexers for several reasons. Introduction NMEA multiplexers play a central role in integrated marine electronics systems. Another configuration with Seatalk instruments. However, if besides AIS support, the multiplexer is also required to process return data from a computer or chart plotter, typically to feed an autopilot for steering to a waypoint or along a route, we recommend using one of the new Brookhouse multiplexer models with baudrate conversion models AIS and AIS-C.


So far everything works fine. Also available as AIS multiplexer. Send a private message to Swordbuster. This is determined to a high degree by the efficiency of the multiplexer’s buffering mechanism.

Pricing, ordering and payment. Since you will be adding AIS to the Ray system there are a couple of irritating points.

The advanced features are activated and configured during a simple setup procedure, whereby the options can be selected from a menu. This wire is external, multipldxer mux enclosure does not need to be opened!

Actisense vs Brookhouse Mux – Gear Anarchy – Sailing Anarchy Forums

In most cases the eMux can be installed without complicated configuration. This is done by coupling the fluxgate compass to a rate computer. Interruption in the electronic multiplfxer is avoided which makes this a valuable safety feature.

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