This error signal tells the memory chip to ‘self-reboot’. The Rockchip rka, 2 Samsung chips I think 1 for sd card or the nanya chip??? BTW the usb adfuud device driver isn’t there too. Mon Aug 20, 9: My desktop has windows , my laptop has XP. Sat Jan 27, 2:

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Should I try to upgrade it?

Tue Jan 30, ditipod It’s 2Gb and I already checked if that was true it is and it was only half filled. Keep us informed of any progress you make. Having said that, i still have a dead player i wonder why Uxcell doesnt have full firmwares?

I bring it back to life by just a paperclip and those nicely imaged pics that dear admin fixed it to me to see them. Please help me find this MP4 firmwire.

Tue May 01, You need the board number to know what device you have.


Wed Sep 19, 6: Mon Aug 04, 6: You should now be able to install the driver know. Bought from Ebay yeh I know.

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I can upload songs to it, and so on, the device is working, but it seems that the upgrade software only works trough the ‘rockusb’ driver. Sun Dec 30, 9: Wed Dec 27, 5: I was planning on trying on a Windows 98 computer if I can find one because it seems to have helped one person, but if that doesn’t work is there anything else that I can try?

I just cant get it to work. Information not returned Device Type: Now the blue is yellow and red, the green is green, the yellow and the red is blue. Sun Dec 28, 7: Just one problem with fw and that’s the old fw had FM radio and this new one doesn’t have.

I Not found board no. So i think the adfu driver is XP only. I can use like removable disk but not like mp4 player.


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digipox Sat Jan 27, 2: Wed Sep 26, And if files, please send me? Thu Jan 24, 8: Sun Apr 12, 3: I have followed your tutorial.

I remembre that it was written 9. It may not have to be the same version as your original. Pl help me how can i recover my dead player again. Anyways, if anyone has the same problem as me, which is getting the message ‘the specified location does not contain information about your hardware’ when trying to get your MP4 player to be recognized as an ADFU Server, try doing it on another OS.

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