Samsung D3 Station, JMicron, 0x04e8: I have two papers – due tomorrow – on a hard drive. Genesys GLE bridge chip. This disc doesn’t have any tracks I recognize! Failed to save quote. There is no problem booting VL on the box I’m using. Or the other way around?

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The detailed format that I annotated was after running the echo -l command which was also suggested by uelsk8s.

Joe on October 12, And it still shows as having no optical drive: Professional gaming equipment brand Natec Genesis. I’ve installed and swapped the bluetooth daughter card in my T It involves fo the keyboard. I said I don’t know the file system of the driver. According to his initial post, he tried with 3 different drives.

The box picks up a regular USB storage device no problem, my Galaxy S cell phone no problem, but it just can’t seem to figure out this drive adapter.


I found this from an Ubuntu: Benesys also tried it on a Win98se system. I ended up attributing all this to the power requirements of this particular drive, which I guess are OK for some USB sockets, but not all.

USB hub found [ 4. To figure out what kind of device it is, plug in your adapter and run “lsusb” on the command line as root. Must ixe some sort of power conflict. Registered protocol family 10 [ Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I am using Ubuntu 8. A truly portable solution, the.

windows – Can’t mount old IDE hdd using an USB adapter – Super User

Usb 3 vs esata: Now I too get some use out of all those old hard drives I’ve pulled out of throwaway computers. If that does not work the revert to the old autosuspend config.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Hardware Error [current] [ I tried contacting two resellers, but get no answer.



I put the ext. Bus Device USB disconnect, address 2 [ 5.

Invalid position buffer, using LPIB read method instead. I have an old IDE hard drive that has some data I must recover, logc I bought an usb adapter to plug it to my new pc and copy everything. Bus Device Post as a guest Name.

genesys usb to ide driver – utorosih’s diary

I believe the drives are ext2 formatted but can’t recall for sure. Media load or eject failed [ Sign up using Email and Password. But there are no support documentation at all and no firmwares for other devices than made by mapower.

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