If it’s a black line, there isn’t anything else. It probably has failed. Goto your hardware browser, and see if you see a parallel port. Your recommendation was a burned out fuser lamp. I would use the HPII or universal driver pcl5 driver built into windows 7. Just adjust the dpi in the printer driver on the computer to lets say X and it should work fine if the memory in the printer now is ok. Need a driver to install to a microsoft xp have never used this printer with this computer.

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I can hand feed them in but somehow the pickup wheel won’t pull the paper in.

Panasonic KX-P4410

If not, it’s the transfer corona wire. Privacy Policy Terms of Use.

Is there anybody that can use it? Any ideas as how to resolve this would be Greatly appreciated. They were built with only K on board and most graphics these days will suck that up in no time. A driver was prinher and that didn’t accomplish anything. That’s a horse of a different color. Took it back to the shop and left a loaner.


Panasonic KX-P4410 Manuals

There is a wiper blade that is supposed to keep it clean. If the light line is on the drum, it would be the scanner.

Printfr I have no manual, I can only wonder. Just try any pcl5 or lower driver and it should work.

You could stop the page in the printer by opening the door and pull out the drum unit. I tested the port on another printer and it worked. E31 is mentioned a couple of times on this thread.

This printer does not have a USB port. If there is something on the wire at that point, it will deaden the charge and cause the light line. Does such a thing exist kxp4410 is there another way to be able to put this printer back into use?

I will do the same. It also could be a bit of dust on the laser mirror. Ray – many thanks! My KX-P is producing an E31 error message.

Searched the internet for answers to no avail. Should have been more specific in first query! I do have a few Windows XP laptops around, but I can always hook them up to a newer printer. Oh well – maybe I’ll find now that you told me what to look for and where some in one of our computer junk yards where they keep this kind of stuff around.


Printer: Panasonic KX-P | OpenPrinting – The Linux Foundation

It seemed so well made. It’s not a black line – just the opposite – a faint line I have been using a used for two or three years, with adequate results I get a black horizontal streak on the print-out at times but yesterday I got an error message in the LCD window saying “Call Service E”.

However, when printing more than one or two pages, I get the error message “ram overflow. Space is at a premium. I did go into Control Panel, Printers, Add Printer and select it from the list and it will not print.

IT said the printer needs more memory. Many thanks for that last suggestion.

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