It does everything which I had hoped it would. EMS Editor – Attach Picture or Melody to messages, allowing up to 10 standard sound effects or midi files to go with a message. Major Feature 4 is picture editing. This next clip is the MA and having a chat: Thats the good thing about irda and bluetooth, its standardized protocols that work independent on manufacturer. The kit is quite simple, consisting of just the adapter and a CD-ROM with the appropriate drivers, manual and handset utilities. Your name or email address:

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Remove those and the unit just pulls apart to reveal This next clip is the MA and having a chat: Of course, you will need a compatible device to get any use out of it, but that shouldn’t be a problem in most cases due to the well featured compatibility list.

Next off the bat is the calendar synchronization ability.

Expanding on the specifications, we see the workable range for this to work efficiently is a max of cm, which isn’t terribly impressive. Once finished, it then presented a list everyone who I ieda stored both in the sim card’s memory and the phone’s memory.

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Mobile Action Technology MA-620 IrDA Driver v.7.0

Dimension – 80 mm x 42 mm x 30 mm. Okay, it’s actually the IR adapter My first thoughts bordered around “I bet that I’m going to need LogoManager Then just reboot as suggested although I was able to avoid that and all should be up and running.


Installation purely consisted m pointing it at a directory to install to. A very worthy purchase, especially for the mobile phone user who wants total control. While hundreds of ringtones and graphics are a nice thing to have, none of these are named or indexed in any way that I could find.

Also included a la LogoManager is the ability to edit pictures from inside the program. The last feature of the software is the ubiquitous ringtone editor – one of the most efficient ways to have people rolling their eyes at you.

I probably wouldn’t bother downloading it unless you’re really really keen to see some little flashing lights. Electronics This is a little pricey but should work.

Software Next in line was the handset manager software. Another feature which I really liked from LogoManager was being able to send logos to other people. There are various chips onboard and, the stars of the show, the: The other inclusion is the small silver rodent with green eyes and a large black mouth.

A small oversight, but an annoying one – well, unless you have a really good ear for music and want to recreate it with the composer program.


The next test is done with a 260 Omnibook laptop. Infrared Effective Angle – 30 degree cone angle area. Aqua-AndyDec 15, Nokia, i,,,, EMS Editor – Attach Picture or Melody to messages, allowing up to 10 standard sound effects or midi files to go with a message. I would expect better service after they gouge you for there IRDA device.

Picture: the Device Manager in Windows XP (SP2) – infrared (IrDA) dongle driver

There’s a composition tool for creating ida own tones, uploading them – and if you want to start your own BlueSkyFrog service – sending them to other people. This software allows you to do it.

A bit of clicking and popping-up of speech bubbles m the taskbar and Windows XP was done. But we don’t know what computer or port he is using. Infrared Speed – SIR speed: Installation As with all things I install, I didn’t make much use of the included CD’s drivers – instead going to Mobile Action’s website – downloading both the latest handset utility specific to my phone, and the latest drivers.

USB 1,2 or 3? And they don’t have to be touching.

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