I’m really laughing at my mistakes here. Sound is mono when change value of balance control sound is mono right or left not change sound only mono. User Modified kb patch fixed for Service Pack 3. However please read carefully Update 3 section it is still relevant and link is functional as of today. Your 1st solutions worked for me. Then, you can restore the registry if a problem occurs.

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Where can I learn more?


I have installed it and i even found it in the device manager. I yaa be very much thankful to you. Your worked for me But I am now facing from wierd problem. How does HP install software and gather data?

Alternatively, right-click and select ‘Update driver’ while your computer is connected to the Internet.

Home Entries rss Comments rss. Can anyone provide help.

Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio

Thank you one more time: Hey Jose, I saw your comment before, but not sure why all setting revert on windows reboot. Tricking it into thinking SP2 was installed worked. This is the second version of this driver.


This menu will expand to reveal one or more listings. Websense Security thinks my website is Malicious and my microosoft guess is because one of links I gave for kbxp2 patch was pointing to Rapid-share, which I guess makes my site assumed automatically to be malicious by Websense….

Windows XP SP3 And Microsoft HD Audio UAA Problems

I have to restart UAA bus at every boot with help of. Please help me, because i need the laptop for recording purposes, ergo right now its just a piece of zp3 plastic located in my room.

Vonnhugo I dunno if these links helps but try anyways: Please try again shortly.

You must uninstall version 1. Crna Gora – Srpski. All my attempts to find something for this additional thing has failed. My system is on sp2, so i directly installed the sp2 file you named before, and it didnt work. One change I made – I installed my Realtek drivers before changing wp3 reg entry back to and rebooting.

But there is No Audio Device. I have a HP DV4. I already thought I would have to downgrade to SP2 but your solution saved me!

I usually ignore most of comments and in fact I answer one first time in a year. KB solves the problem without registry editing.


Also, upon restarting the system, I will then be prompted again to install a driver for the second “Audio Device on High Definition on Audio Bus”. If yes and still didn’t microspft First time I paid a techie to resolve this Hp pavilion dvwm Audio mode: Nice to hear some updates here!

I tried your methods and I uza able to get audio to work for the windows media player and also for the streaming through windows media, but when I try to stream youtube videos, I get the video but no sound.

Hi BSA, yes i did, a thousand of times, in fact i was running out of ideas so i installed sp3 due to my xp had sp2 and i thought that maybe that was why your solution didnt work for me, but its actually the same result, its like the realtek hd doesnt exist. If you couldn’t fix your problem here is another solution i did this and my sound works greate now:

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