That being said the MSA should recognize the array group from the Smart array controller and not destroy any data …. I was thinking of trying this but doubted myself just before reading this. Justin Paul April 19, at 7: I would think that you would bottleneck at the controller because it only has 6Gbps out to the drives anyhow… But the setup that I have the LSI switches on does not come close to pushing that kind of storage bandwidth. To show information about disks: The only thing that matters is that both hosts see the same datastore. Justin November 6, at 8:

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I decided to put this post together because after my SMB Cluster v2.

HPE MSA P G3 Modular Smart Array Systems (QuickSpecs/cpdf)

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. We are looking to purchase new servers and storage to create a better virtual environment.

Thanks for the firmware link. Justin, is there any best practice with the dual controller and sas interfaces with vmware 5? Both the power supplies are giving solid green lights and their fans are running.


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Contact your web host and p200 them to enable imagepng for PHP. As this is being my first experience, before fight against OS configuration, I would like to make sure I have connected the cables correctly.

Following through the troubleshooting steps in the manuals lead nowhere as the end synopsis was to check the event logs.

Thanks for posting this resolution, I had the exactly same issue and tried all sort of HP user guide recommendations without success. Justin October 3, at 9: Leave a Mss Cancel reply.

Like the blogs on the site. So far all I can get is the raw space and volume size from web console, there is no option for used space and free space for each volume or for msw SAN storage.

The only thing that matters is that both hosts see the same datastore. Just added 24 x 8TB non HP drives o2000 works fine. Be very careful with this phrase. This post is to catch you up on the SAS model and what it can provide for you.

Suddenly it got stopped and no amber no light. Justin June 7, at 7: Or would this not be shared storage due to the SAS aspect.

HP P2000 G3 FC MSA – troubleshooting a faulty Controller (blinking Fault/Service Required LED)

Wonder if anyone has a link to a document which shows the official support of this unit using SAS connections with a e. ,sa tech support fellow at LSI mentions that before plugging in any new devices to the switch the switch must be powered down. Justin March 4, at 7: Justin Paul December 3, at 4: Thanks p0200 the solution even got my web browser to work after trying this! Tim November 6, at 3: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


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The reason you are seeing four disks is because you have multiple paths to the array. Thanks in advance for your support!

Anyone knows anything about it? Shaik October 22, at 4: AreArePee October 3, at 5: 2p000 technology is used by alot of major manufacturers to connect additional disk shelves into the controllers, these include but not limited to EMC, HP, NetApp, Dell, Compellent. To use parallel backup for CSV we are supposed to have snapshot volume as well.

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